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Satellite Dish and Antenna Notification Form


Effective October 4, 1996, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) enacted the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which allows for the installation of certain satellite dishes and antenna on individually owned and maintained property. Within the parameters of this new law, Homeland Village Community Association established the following guidelines and notification process for installation of all satellite dishes/antennas. These guidelines were developed to address the aesthetic and safety concerns associated with the new laws, and to maintain property values in Homeland Village.

  1. The law permits installation of dishes and antennas less than one meter (39 inches). Devices larger than this size or otherwise not a part of the FCC Ruling are not permitted, and owners are encouraged to obtain the smallest device possible in order to maintain the aesthetics of our community.
  2. Installation is permitted on individually owned property ONLY.
  3. Placement of the device is crucial in maintaining the appeal of our community and the following “Placement & Screening Specifications†were developed for use by each homeowner in determining the location of antennas. The list goes from the most acceptable location to the least acceptable location. Acceptable quality of reception will ultimately determine the location of the device and homeowners are requested to use the “most acceptable†location where an acceptable quality signal can be received.

Most Acceptable...

  1. Hidden/screened in backyard
  2. Unscreened in backyard
  3. On roof, below the back roof line
  4. On the chimney
  5. Other areas of roof depending on roof lines
  6. Other areas in back of house
  7. In side yard (screened from public view)**
  8. Front yard (screened from public view)** Least Acceptable

**Note: Most townhome front & some side lawns are cut by the Association. The Association cannot be responsible for any maintenance to an area where a satellite dish/antenna is installed.

  1. Color and screening - The satellite dish or antenna should be colored, painted or otherwise screened with shrubs or other materials in such a manner as to blend in with the surrounding placement area.
  2. Safe Installation - The satellite dish/antenna is to be installed in a secure and safe manner. Problems or liability matters resulting from installation of a satellite dish/antenna are the responsibility of the owner.

  3. Permits - The owner will obtain any permits necessary for installation and insure the device is in strict compliance with FCC regulations and local and state laws.

  4. The following notification is to be forwarded to:

Homeland Village Community Association

Community Association Manager
3414 Morningwood Drive
Olney, MD 20832


Address of Installation:
City, State, Postal Code
Phone Number:
Description of Device Being Installed:
Location of Device on Property:
Color of Device:
Surrounding Colors:

Method of Installation:



I certify that the installation of my satellite dish/antenna is/will be in accordance with the above guidelines:


Signature of Owner:
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