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Home Improvement Application

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Single Family

What type of change are you proposing to make your home?
(Check ALL that apply)

Construct Install Move Extend Rebuild
Replace Remove Change Paint Add
Fence Deck Roof Walls Door(s)
Patio Storm Door Handrail Steps Shed
Retaining Wall Hot Tub/Spa Shingles Screen Siding
Landscaping Tree(s) Hedge Trim Mulch

OTHER (Please Explain) The following changes will probably only apply to single family homeowners:

Garage Driveway Carport Screened Porch
Greenhouse Gazebo Playhouse Play Equipment
Swimming Pool Fireplace Chimney  

Description of the Proposed Change (include materials, height, width, size, shape, color, and any other Information available about the proposal): (Please use additional paper if necessary)

NOTE: If the work is to be completed by someone other than the homeowner, please include the individuals Maryland Home Improvement License #:

A sketch of the proposed improvement must accompany this application. The Covenant Committee will review and render a decision within 30 days of receipt. You should allow 5 workdays for mail processing. If approved, the work must be completed within 6 months of the date the Covenant Committee approves the application. If a fee is required per the HVCA guidelines for review of this proposal, the check or money order payable to the Homeland Village Community Association must accompany this application. You should submit all applications, associated fees and related materials via the following:

Via Common Carrier:
Homeland Village Community Association
Community Association Manager
3414 Morningwood Drive
Olney, MD 20832

HVCA Architectural Application Fees:

Proposed Improvement/Change Fee for Review
Decks and Patios     $35
Hot Tubs and Spas     $10
Fencing     $35
Sheds     $10
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