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Accompanying the request for architectural change must be the following agreement:

TO: Board of Directors, Homeland Village Community Association

FROM: ____________________________________

            (Name and Address of Owner and Co-owner)

DATE: ________________________

In consideration of the approval of this application to use community property for the described structure, I/we agree to:

1. Remove the temporary structure from the community property area and restore the area to a grass state, if requested by the new purchaser of a unit, or at any time, at the reasonable request of the Board of Directors, within 15 days of such request.

2. Pay $200.00 to the Board of Directors, if for any reason I/we are unable to comply with Item #1 above. This money is to be treated as liquidated damages to assure the removal of any temporary structures and the restoration to a grass state. I/we acknowledge this obligation and agree to pay this money without need for further litigation and/or legal action on the part of the Community Association. If, for any reason, I/we do not do so, I/we agree to bear the legal and court costs of any action brought by the Community Association to collect this obligation.

3. Pay $200.00 to the Board of Directors, if a new purchase of this unit refuses to submit and sign an agreement similar to this one to extend the terms and conditions of use of community property to the new property owner.

4. Maintain the structure in good repair.

___________________________________ _____________________________

(Your Signature)                                                        (Co-Owner Signature)

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