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HVCA maintains and, if necessary, removes trees on common property.   HVCA may replace a tree that is removed, but due to the original poor placement of many of the trees in HVCA (especially the ⯶es裂white pines) tree replacement is considered on a case by case basis. 

Montgomery County is responsible for maintaining, removing and replacing trees along the county roads, Homeland Drive and Morningwood Drive.   The Montgomery County Division of Highway Services is responsible for this function and their number is 240-777-7623.

Townhome and detached home (property) owners are responsible for the maintenance, trimming, removal and replacement of the trees on their property.  Property owners are also responsible for trimming limbs from trees that overhang their property, and for the removal and proper clean-up of a portion of a tree that may fall onto their property. 

The tree policy for townhome and detached home (property) owners, relating to tree limbs that overhang private property, is in keeping with the rules of air space.  These rules provide property owners the right to remove tree limbs that overhang their property to a point straight up from the property line (even if one side of the tree trunk is next to the property line). 

The policy relating to the removal of a tree that falls on private property, or damage to private property from a fallen tree, follows accepted legal practices and the policy adopted by insurance companies.  The owner of private property is responsible for the removal of a tree or portion of a tree that falls onto their property.  If damage occurs (to a building, vehicle, etc.) it is the responsibility of the owner of the damaged property to contact their insurance company and file a claim, or to have the damage repaired at their expense.  In this policy there is no distinction between trees that originate on association common property, county property, state property or private property.              

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