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Snow Clearing

Homeland Village Community Association hires a private contractor annually to perform “association” roadway and sidewalk snow clearing. The lead walks for the condominium units are also cleared under this contract. Parking spaces are cleared only if they are empty and the plow has easy access. Town home and detached home property owners are responsible for clearing their own lead walks (and driveways in the case of detached homes). Please realize that Homeland Village is a large property and it takes time for the contractor to clear the snow from all the roadways and walkways. Just because your walkway has not been cleared, does not mean the contractor isn’t working on the property. Our basic contract calls for the contractor to begin clearing within 2 to 3 hours after the snow has stopped when accumulation is over 2 inches. If an extraordinary amount of time has passed (5 to 6 hours) and there has been no snow clearing effort in your area, or you have a special concern, contact the Community Manager. During extraordinary snow events the clearing time may increase, there will be interim clearings and “snow-holding” areas will be utilized (please refer to the community map of snow holding areas). Your patience, understanding, cooperation and help are appreciated. If you are an able-bodied resident and have elderly or disabled neighbors, please make an extra effort to help them. Montgomery County Highway Services (240-777-7623) is responsible for clearing the county roads (Homeland Drive, Morningwood Drive and Rocky Ridge Lane).

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Last modified: 09/05/07