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The following regulations are a part of the Declaration of Covenants and Architectural Covenants Committee Guidelines for Homeland Village Community Association, Inc.  They have been reformatted and paraphrased for ease of use and reference.  This is not to be substituted for the actual covenants and all owners should refer to the referenced section of the Declaration of Covenants or Architectural Guidelines for the full and precise covenant wording. 

1) Permitted Lot Uses:

The lots shall be used for residential purposes and the only building that can be erected on a lot is a single family dwelling. A professional office may be maintained within the dwelling (if use is limited to the person residing in the unit) in accordance with the provisions contained in this section of the covenants and provided that such use is in strict conformity with applicable zoning laws, etc. (Declaration of Covenants, Article X, Section 10.01, and Covenant Rules from ACC Guidelines).

2)   Prohibited Uses and Nuisances (Declaration of Covenants, Article X, Section 10.02, and Covenant Rules from ACC Guidelines):

a)   Noxious Activity - No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried out upon any lot or within any dwelling , nor shall anything be done which may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.

b)   Pets & Animals - The boarding or raising of animals, livestock and poultry is prohibited excluding the keeping of domestic pets, provided they are not a source of annoyance or nuisance.  Pets shall be attended at all times and be registered, licensed and inoculated as required by law.  Pets shall not be permitted upon the common areas unless accompanies by a responsible person and UNLESS THEY ARE CARRIED OR LEASHED.  Montgomery County laws will be enforced including the “pooper-scooper†law and defecation on common ground will not be tolerated.  OWNERS ARE REQUIRED TO IMMEDIATELY CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR ANIMALS.

c)   Accumulated Materials - No burning or accumulation of trash or materials shall be permitted on any lot.

d)  Vehicles & Truck Parking - No junk vehicle, truck (as defined by MD MVA or usage) unregistered or inoperable motor vehicle, trailer, recreational vehicle, house trailer, boat or other similar equipment or machinery shall be kept upon the Property (except for private property and only within closed garages) nor shall repair or extraordinary maintenance of vehicles be carried out on the property.  No vehicle which is a source of nuisance to the community will be allowed on the property.

e)  Trash Containers - Trash containers shall not be permitted to remain in public view except on days of trash collection and after 6:00 p.m. on days prior to trash collection.  Trash shall be stored in closed containers of suitable materials. Suitable materials is defined as a rigid container or appropriate strength plastic bags.  Trash is to be placed near the curb in front of your own home, and NOT in front of mailboxes, firelanes, fire hydrants, and NOT on the sidewalk or street.  (Also refer to (q) and (c) for additional trash covenants.)

f)    Lot Division - No lot shall be divided or subdivided, and no portion shall be transferred or conveyed.

g)  Landscaping Obstruction - No tree, hedge, or other landscaping shall be maintained in a location that obstructs sight-lines for vehicular traffic.

h)  Structures & Lawn Ornaments - No decorative lawn ornament, structure of a temporary character, trailer, tent, shack, barn, pen, kennel, run, stable, shed or other building shall be erected on any lot.  Sheds will be considered by application to the Covenants Committee.

i)     Signs - No signs or advertising devices of any kind shall be erected upon, in or about any lot, except one sign not exceeding two square feet in area may be attached to a dwelling where a professional office is maintained and one temporary real estate sign not exceeding six (6) square feet in area may be erected upon any lot or attached to any dwelling for sale or rent (signs shall not be placed in the common areas).  Any such temporary real estate sign shall be removed promptly following the sale or rental of such dwelling.

j)    Pipes & Cables - Except for normal lawn maintenance items, no hose, water pipe, sewer pipe, gas pipe, drainage pipe, television cable or other transmission line shall be installed or maintained upon any lot above the surface of the ground.

k)   Play Equipment - No play equipment associated with either adult or juvenile recreation shall be attached in any manner to the front or sides of any dwelling.

l)     Easements & Drainage Channels - No structure, planting or other material shall be placed or permitted to remain upon any lot which may damage or interfere with any utility easement or which may unreasonably change obstruct or retard direction or flow of any drainage channels.

m) Antenna - No outside aerial or antenna shall be maintained upon the property.  (Note that this section was changed by the 1996 Telecommunications Act - in response to this change see the Satellite Dish & Notification Form included as Attachment A.)

n)  Vegetable Gardens - Vegetable gardens may be maintained only when screened from public view.

o)  Lawn Furniture & Play Equipment - Lawn furniture and play equipment shall be maintained only within that portion of a lot that is screened from public view.

p)  Equipment & Machinery - No equipment or machinery shall be stored in the front, rear or side yard on any lot.

q)  Trash Containers and Collection - No trash containers shall be kept on the front or side yard of any lot; only in the rear yards and are to be screened from public view at all times.

r)    Use of Common Areas - No member may make private or exclusive use of the common areas except with the specific approval of the covenant committee and then only on a temporary basis.

s)   Fences - Any fence constructed upon the Property shall not extend forward of the front building line and shall not be more than six feet in height.  Chain link and wire fencing is prohibited.

t)    Window Treatments - Bed sheets, plastic sheets, or other similar window treatments shall not be hung or placed in or on any window on any dwelling.

u)  Play Equipment - Children's play equipment and toys shall not be allowed to remain overnight within any front yard or within the common areas.

v)  Air Drying/Laundry - No drying or airing of any clothing, bedding, etc. shall be permitted outdoors except within rear yards 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays (excepting Holidays).  Clothes hanging devices shall be stored out of sight. 

3)  Enforcement - Right to Remove or Correct Violations

Upon written notification from the Board of Directors, violations shall be promptly removed or abated.  In the event the violation is not corrected within 15 days the Association shall have the right, through its agents, after resolution by the Board, to enter upon such Lot and to take such steps as may be necessary to remove or otherwise abate such violation.  All costs incurred by the Association (including reasonable attorney fees) may be assessed against the Lot, shall become due and payable and may thereafter become a lien upon such Lot and shall be a binding personal obligation of the Lot Owner.  Subsequent to reasonable notice, the Association shall have the right, through its agents, to enter upon and inspect any Lot at any reasonable time to ascertain whether or not any violation exists and neither the Association nor any such agent shall be deemed to have committed a trespass or other wrongful act by reason of such entry or inspection. (Declaration of Covenants, Article X, Section 10.04)  

4)  Lot Maintenance

Each Owner shall keep each Lot owned by him, and all improvements in good order and repair and free of debris, in a manner and with such frequency as is consistent with good property management.  In the event an Owner fails to do so, the Board of Directors or its agent shall have the right to enter upon said Lot for the purpose of corrective action.  All costs related to such action shall become a lien upon such Lot.  The Owner of a condominium unit is responsible for the maintenance of that unit according to the provisions of the condominium regime. (Declaration of Covenants Article XI, Section 11.01)

5)  Property Maintenance by Association and Lot Owners

The Declaration of Covenants does not contemplate that the Association shall have any responsibility for the maintenance or repair of the dwellings or their appurtenances; the responsibilities and duties of the Association shall be limited to the Attached Unit Maintenance areas (common areas of the condominiums), Common Areas and Community Facilities.  The Owner of any Lot shall, at his own expense, maintain his Lot and dwelling, and any and all appurtenances thereto in good order, condition and repair and in a clean, sightly and sanitary condition at all times.  If this is not properly performed by the Owner, refer to corrective action listed in items 4 and 5 above. (Declaration of Covenants, Article V, Section 5.01 (h) last paragraphNOTE:  For consistency and uniformity, the Association cuts the grass in the front yard of townhomes.  The townhome owner or resident is expected to perform all other grounds maintenance. 

6)  Architectural Guidelines

The Homeland Village Community Association - Architectural Guidelines & Covenant Rules were established in accordance with the Declaration of Covenants and are intended to assure the appearance and value of the property.  It is required that any addition, exterior alteration, modification or change to an existing building or any new detached structure must have approval (applied for in writing and approved in writing) from the Covenants Committee before any work is started and must be compatible with existing structure with regard to design character and material.  To insure compliance, refer to the Architectural Guidelines included in your Homeland Village Community Association documents.

Homeland Village has specific, mandatory paint schemes and colors that are to be used on all homes.  If you need to re-paint the door or trim on your home, contact the property manager (see contact page) for the color code.  All paint is McCormick brand paint.

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