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HVCA Policy for Pool Use with Community Room Rental

HVCA does not rent the HVCA pool for private parties.  However HVCA does allow its members to use the pool facilities for parties during the hours that the pool is normally open.  These parties are approved only with advance notice to HVCA and the lifeguards, rental of the HVCA community room, adequate adult supervision of the party attendees, and the purchase of extra guest passes.  In recent years the number of members requesting use of the pool for parties has increased substantially.  To better serve our members HVCA created the following guidelines for parties at the HVCA pool:

1)                HVCA members must rent and use the HVCA community room for party activities including food, opening gifts and games.  A community room rental agreement must be completed.  Standard rental fees (currently $50 rental and $100 damage deposit) apply.  All other rules & regulations apply including cleaning the room after use, and taking all trash off of the premises and the proper disposal thereof.  All or part of the $100 damage deposit may be applied for required cleaning or disposal of trash.

2)                Guest passes must be purchased for all persons attending the party, with the exception of those persons that live in HVCA and have Member passes.

3)                Adequate adult supervision is required a ratio of 1 adult to 2 children under 5 years old, a ratio of 1 adult to 3 children 6-10 years old and 1 adult to 4 children over 10 years old.

4)                Party guests may spend a maximum of 2 hours inside of the pool premises.  Party guests are encouraged not to travel back and forth from the community room to the pool facility.  The community room facilities must be secured when the party has moved into the pool premises.

5)                It is suggested that the party start in the community room, with food, drinks, presents and party games taking place first in the community room; and then move into the pool facility.        

6)                The party must understand that HVCA members will be using the pool.  If any guest at the party is disruptive, unduly disrespectful to the lifeguards or HVCA members, and/or does not abide by the HVCA pool rules and regulations; that guest will be asked and expected to leave the HVCA pool facility immediately.

Adopted this 28th day of August 2003 at a regularly scheduled meeting of the

Homeland Village Community Association Board of Directors:




Vice President







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