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Pet Waste Stations

Montgomery County law requires that all pet owners promptly remove pet waste from any property that is not owned by the pet owner.  Montgomery County Animal Control laws include a hearing process before the Animal Control Board and allow for substantial fines for violation of these laws.  The HVCA rules & regulations also require residents to promptly clean up pet waste from common property.  

To assist pet owners, HVCA has installed and maintains three pet waste stations that are located in the common areas of the community.  The stations are located beside the asphalt path on the Rolling Meadow Way between buildings 9 and 11, close to the tennis courts on Homeland Drive, and on Morningwood Drive between Homeland Drive and Vintage River Terrace. 

The pet stations include a lined disposal can and a supply of small pet waste pick-up bags.  The pick-up bags can be used as a mitten over the hand to remove the waste from the ground, remove the bag from the hand turning it inside out to contain the waste, and tie the top of the bag prior to placing it in the lined disposal can. 

Residents should not use the pet waste stations for disposal of litter because the stations fill up quickly.  Please report any problems with the pet stations to the community manager

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Last modified: 09/05/07