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Reserved Parking Policy

The Board of Directors of Homeland Village Community Association has, in conjunction with the Property Manager and residents of Sunset Lake Court, developed the following policy for reserved parking in certain areas of Homeland Village.

This policy applies only to segregated town home courts, where the parking areas and roadways are owned wholly by Homeland Village Community Association.  It is not applicable to single family homes or parking areas which are owned in whole or in part by one of the two condominiums in Homeland Village - these are Rolling Meadow Way, Vintage River Terrace and Golden Spring Court.

The Board of Directors will consider requests for Reserved Parking in segregated town home courts.  In order to be considered, the request must be in writing and include the following:

  • A petition stating that it is the desire of the residents/owner that ONE reserved parking space be assigned to each town home.  This petition will be signed by at least 67% of the  residents on the court.  The petition is to include the address and printed name of all signers and should indicate the signers desire a reserved parking space as indicated on the attached map or drawing of their court.

  • A map or drawing of the town home court, showing all parking spaces and clearly indicating the parking space to be assigned to each town home (list the house number on the respective parking space - the house number will not be stenciled on the parking space).

  • Evidence that a “Notice of Meeting”  was distributed to each household on the court, announcing the “Petition” was signed by a majority of residents and  a meeting is being held to give residents the opportunity to express any concerns regarding the location of their reserved parking space, or reserved parking in general.

  • The Minutes of the Meeting.

  • A statement acknowledging that each household received a copy of the reserved parking map.

Upon receipt of ALL of the above information, the request will be put on the Agenda for the next Board of Directors meeting.  If the request is approved by the Board, HVCA will have the word “RESERVED” painted on the curb of each reserved space indicated on the diagram.

HVCA will not enforce reserved parking by towing of improperly parked vehicles or posting of any signs on the court.  However, ANY vehicle parked in a reserved space in violation of the HVCA Declaration of Covenants Article X, Section 10.02 (d) may be stickered by HVCA and towed at the vehicle owners expense.

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Last modified: 09/05/07