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Handicapped Parking Space Request Policy

A disabled resident may request that the HVCA Board of Directors modify an existing parking space for handicapped parking by following this procedure:

  • Address a letter to the HVCA Board of Directors requesting modification of a parking space for handicapped parking.

  • In the letter indicate the status of any nearby handicapped parking space(s).  For example:  I am requesting that a designated handicapped parking space be installed near to (address).  There is one designated handicapped space near to (address) but it is regularly used by another resident.

  • Enclose a photocopy of your handicapped certification with the request.

  • Enclose a sketch of the parking area near to your home and indicate which space you would like to have designated as handicapped.  (Note:  The HVCA Board of Directors will try to accommodate your specific parking space request.  However if it is more cost effective to place the space in another nearby location the specific parking space that you request may not be the one that is designated.)

  • Indicate which of the following you need:  (1) A parking space with a handicapped sign and painted asphalt symbol only.  (2) A parking space with a sign, painted symbol and cross hatching on one side of the space.  (3) A parking space with sign, painted symbol, cross hatching and curb cut for wheelchair access.

Your request will be discussed and approved (in some form) at the next HVCA Board of Directors meeting following the receipt of your request.  Modifications to the parking space(s) should be completed within 60 days after final approval.  This timeframe is contingent on and subject to weather, coordination with similar community projects and the extent of the modifications that are required.  For example, a concrete curb cut may take longer than 90 days to install because all concrete work performed in HVCA is grouped into larger projects in order to obtain the best price for the projects.  

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Last modified: 09/05/07