Text Box: Turn off the water to exterior faucets and drain the pipes.
Check your gutters and downspouts to insure they are securely attached to your home and in good working order.  Did you have the gutters cleaned?
Purchase a couple bags of sand or kitty litter—keep one in your car and one in your home to use for traction during icy conditions. 
If you do not own a snow shovel—buy a snow shovel.
Review the snow clearing information in the HVCA  Welcome Booklet.  Review HVCA’s designated snow holding areas and do not park in these areas during a storm.
When clearing the snow Text Box: from your car, DO NOT PUT THE SNOW ON THE CLEARED SIDEWALKS; ESPECIALLY IF THE SNOW HAS BEEN TREATED WITH SALT THAT WILL DAMAGE CONCRETE.   Place the snow from on the grass area behind the sidewalks. 
Montgomery County is responsible for plowing Homeland Drive and Morningwood Drive.  Do not contact HVCA about conditions on these roads; contact Montgomery County at 240-777-7623.
Put a large mat and box (or other container) to hold your shoes at your front door to keep sidewalk abrasives contained at the door.
Winter weather events can Text Box: be frustrating, but keep in mind that the Community Manager is not responsible for the snow nor the snow clearing.  HVCA employs McDonnell Contracting for snow clearing.  Your calls concerning snow clearing services will be promptly relayed to the contractor. 
If you must venture out into winter weather, allow plenty of extra time for walking and driving.  If possible, stay at home and let the contractors and the County do their job and clear the roads.
Text Box: the management office for an application..
As your home ages, and its components require maintenance or replacement, changes become inevitable.  Many of the products originally used on the exterior of your home are no longer available.  You may not be able to match components such as siding, roof materials, doors and trim.  When replacing these or any materials on your home, Text Box: During 2005 HVCA scheduled three covenant violation hearings for improper and unapproved property improvements.  Each year HVCA owners make changes to their homes without first receiving the proper authorization.    To prevent costly mistakes submit a Home Improvement Application to the Board of Directors for approval of your improvement BEFORE starting the project.  Go to WWW.HVCA.NET or contact Text Box: unless it is an exact (or very close) match, you should submit a Home Improvement Application and receive written approval.  
If you need to paint your home, and you didn’t happen to save past issues of The Pipeline that list  the approved HVCA paint colors, go to WWW.HVCA.NET  or call 301-421-1001, to obtain the proper paint colors for your home.  
Text Box: Prepare for Winter Weather (a checklist)
Text Box: Get Approval Before Starting Exterior Improvements
Text Box: Welcome to New HVCA Owners
Text Box: Golden Spring Court
Marlene Wynter
Sergio & Yeni Roman
Sunset Lake Court
Robert & Diedre Fisher
Sunset River Court
Larry & Shelley Polokoff
Vintage River Terrace
Chie Berkley
Text Box: Ryan Smart
Absentee Owners
John & Tamara Vollmer, Vintage River Terrace
J. Stratton & T. O’Meara, Rolling Meadow Way
Lewis & Margaret Amick, Golden Spring Court
Text Box: Rolling Meadow Way
Eric Boykin
John Chesley
Martha Helton
Blake & Denis Purnell
Barbara Sheaffer
Lizeth Soruco
Frank Valois
Jennifer Woolever
Text Box: Page #
Text Box: Text Box: HVCA’s community room at 18111 Homeland Drive can be rented by members for parties or meetings by calling 301-421-1001.  You can find more information (fees, contract, rules & regs, etc.) at WWW.HVCA.NET.
Text Box: We would like to welcome the following new HVCA owners to our community:
Text Box: HVCA is managed by:

Association Property Mgt., Inc.
P.O. Box 757
Olney, MD  20830-0757

Nadene L. Neel
Community Manager

Phone:  301-421-1001
Fax:  301-421-1002
E-Mail:  APMInc@attglobal.net
Text Box: HVCA Payment Mailing Address:
Homeland Village Comm. Assoc.
c/o Association Property Mgt.
P.O. Box 7436
Silver Spring, MD  20907-7436

Send correspondence to the HVCA Olney Post Office Box.