Text Box: The end of the year is a good time to reflect on the changes you would like to make. Changes that will improve your lifestyle and safety are, hopefully, at the top of your list and HVCA has a few suggestions to improve your safety and the safety of others in our community.  We hope you will include the following suggestions in your Resolutions:
Turn on all your exterior lights at dusk and leave them on until dawn.
Consider installing a photo cell device that will automatically operate exterior lights.
Never leave valuables in your Text Box: car, especially in view of a passerby.
If a pole light in your area is out or dim, call 301-421-1001 and leave a message with the pole number and closest address.
If the pole light is on Homeland Drive or Morningwood Drive, Call Montgomery County at 240-777-2190.
So that the police may better assist our community they need to be informed about problems.  Report suspicious persons or activities and file an incident report is your car or property is vandalized.  The police non-emergency number is 301-279-8000.
Text Box: Also advise your neighbors and Community Manager of undesirable or unlawful acts that you may have witnessed in our community.  Communication averts future problems through awareness.
Pet owners—help HVCA to maintain the common areas of the community in a safe and sanitary condition by resolving to clean up after your pet (we have tried our best to make it easy for you).
We wish you and your family a safe, peaceful and happy new year. 
Text Box: insure your request is not deleted as SPAM, always use the words Homeland Village or HVCA in the subject line of the e-mail.
In January APMI will be changing its e-mail address.  The HVCA website will forward your e-Text Box: HVCA and its management company, APMI receive e-mail requests regularly from HVCA residents.  This is an easy way to communicate your requests, but it is not always reliable.  APMI receives hundreds of spam messages each day.  To Text Box: mails to the new address.  Board members and committee members will receive notice of APMI’s e-mail address change (via e-mail) and residents will receive notice in the next edition of the Pipeline. 
Text Box: Safety Resolutions for the New Year 
Text Box: Sending E-mail to HVCA or APMI
Text Box: 		Board Briefs
Text Box: landscaping contract for 2006 with McFall & Berry and accepted their proposal for litter pick-up and dog station maintenance, renewed the snow clearing contract for 2005/06 with McDonnell Landscaping and renewed the Pool Management Agreement for 2006 with Recreational Enterprises, Inc.
The Board approved owner requests for removal of sickly or overgrown shrubs in the common areas of Rolling Meadow Way.  The Board discussed the need for trash containers in the villa condominiums, and the condominiums instituted a program to provide trash containers to all condominium Text Box: residents.
The Board discussed the development of a policy for PODS storage and moving systems.  Reimbursement for repairs to HVCA’s underground pole light cabling system by Verizon subcontractors has also been a major topic of discussion.
 The Board approved hiring a Covenant Violations Coordinator to initiate covenant enforcement action and the 2006 Proposed Budget was approved in its entirety.
Text Box: The following issues were discussed at the August, September and November HVCA Board of Directors Meetings:
The Board accepted a proposal from AAA Sports Systems to make minor repairs to the tennis courts and replace the nets and poles.  A proposal from All Pro Courts was accepted in April 2005, but after three months and numerous phone calls, the work was not done.  The Board voted to file a claim in small claims court for return of the contract deposit. 
The Board approved a new trash contract with Potomac Disposal, renewed the

Donations to the Olney Police Satellite Station should be made payable to the Olney Police Satellite Station Fund/MCCF and sent to the Olney Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 550, Olney, MD  20830

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