Text Box: Officer DeCarlo of the MCPD attended the March 31, 2005 HVCA Board of Directors meeting to discuss the recent burglaries in Olney and the surrounding areas.  The meeting was announced on the Neighborhood Network and was well attended by HVCA residents. 
The attendees were updated on the police efforts to apprehend the burglars and provided with information (to the extent possible on an active investigation) on some of the scenarios the police have faced in this investigation.  
Four HVCA homes were burglarized between December 2004 and February 2005.  Entry was gained Text Box: through sliding glass doors that were not fully secured or did not have additional protection (such as Charlie bars, screws in the top track or added locks) to prevent easy removal of the sliding door.  Around two dozen homes in the Olney area were burglarized during this period; fortunately, the burglaries appear to have subsided.  
However, now that warmer weather is here, Officer DeCarlo reminded owners to be vigilant in removing all items from their vehicles—if you don’t want to lose it, remove it!
A question and answer period ensued with some owners providing information Text Box: about security measures that they have taken or installed on their property.  
Officer DeCarlo left HVCA members with an excellent booklet published by the MCPD entitled “Burglary Prevention, Your Best Home Insurance”.  Your community manager has additional copies for the asking.    
If you have information that could assist MCPD in solving these burglaries, please contact MCPD at 301-279-8000.  Your name will be kept confidential upon request.    
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  Fayyaz Qadri

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  Christine Persinger
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  Souna Barbari
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Text Box:  A Fond Farewell
Text Box: HVCA Covenants Committee.  You could always count on Lil to go out for a Covenants Committee walk or bake cupcakes for the 4th of July Party.  Lil and her contributions to the HVCA community will be sorely missed.
Alicia Mahmot and her family have a contract on a home in Hadley Farms.  Alicia is the core of HVCA’s Social Committee, organizing Bunko games in the Text Box: community room, holding scrapbooking events, and more recently chairing the HVCA 4th of July Party.   Alicia is also responsible for the Neighborhood E-mail Network, which has become a great and easy way to “get out the word” when there is information to share.  
Lil and Alicia—Thank you so very much for your years of extraordinary service to our community.  We will miss you.
Text Box: Two of HVCA’s most active citizen volunteers are packing up in preparation for moving day.  
Lil Litowsky, volunteer extraordinaire and recent recipient of the prestigious Olney Citizen of the Year Award has a contract on her condominium and will be moving to the senior community of Riderwood the end of this month.  Lil served on both the Condominium and Community Association Board of Directors, and the



The value of your home has increased substantially in recent months—PROTECT IT BY JOINING THE HVCA Covenants Committee, and keep HVCA a nice place to come home to.  Contact Nadene at 301-421-1001.

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