Text Box: OK, here we go again…  Following is a list of the top “trash” offenses in HVCA.  We certainly hope that you are not an offender and we ask that if you see someone who is, call the Community Manager with a name or address.  (Remember that YOU pay to clean up after those who do not comply with the rules.)  
1) HVCA does not provide a bulk trash pick-up service.  Owners must make private arrangements for disposal or bulk items, or take them to the county dump. 
2) Latex paint cans cannot be placed out for trash pick-up unless the paint is dried (an additive to harden paint can be purchased at  hardware stores).  Oil paint cans must be disposed of at one of the Montgomery County hazardous waste sites (call 240-777-6410).
Text Box: 3) Yard waste cannot be placed in a plastic bag, Montgomery Co. Recycling will not pick it up and neither will HVCA’s trash hauler.  You must use a paper yard bag, or a trash can labeled “Yard Trim”.
4) You may not put your trash or recyclables out for collection until 6:00 p.m. the evening prior to collection. (Trash is collected Tuesday and Friday, it can go out after 6:00 p.m. Monday, or 6:00 p.m. Thursday).
5) All trash and recycling containers must be removed from the common areas promptly after the trash is collected and must be stored out of public view –for townhomes this means in the back yard and for condominiums this means inside of your fence or shed.  
Text Box: association financial information, and certifications.   It can be obtained from HVCA’s management company.   The package requires a few days preparation and a fee that is payable upon receipt.  
2) One of the required certifications concerns architectural covenants.   If your home contains any exterior architectural Text Box: If you plan to sell your home in HVCA, in addition to all the other issues involved in the sale of property, there are three very important issues, related to HVCA, that you need to know.
1) Maryland State Law requires that you provide your purchaser with a “Resale Package”.  This package contains all community documents, Text Box: concerns or violations, this information must be provided to the purchaser.  
3) Within 30 days of transfer, Maryland Law requires that the association is provided with a “Notice of Transfer” containing name and address information for both the seller and purchaser. 
Text Box: All About Trash—You Need To Read This...
Text Box: Thinking of Selling in HVCA?  3 Things You Need to Know
Text Box: McFall & Berry—New Landscaper in Homeland Village
Text Box: 421-1001 with any landscaper concerns or problems.  No one person can be at all places on the property to see the job progress so we need owners to call and report problems.  To date a few calls have been received, and we want to thank those HVCA owners who called for taking the time to contact us and share their concerns.
 HVCA’s landscaping is a huge project.  It is impossible to determine whether or not Text Box: the job is being done thoroughly and correctly without your assistance.  Because the contractor is new to HVCA we expect some problems; but the sooner we hear about those problems from you, the sooner they can be resolved.
HVCA is looking forward to a positive relationship with McFall & Berry, and a great looking property!    
Text Box: McFall & Berry, HVCA’s new landscaping contractor, started working on the property in March.  The spring mulching of gardens and tree rings is in progress (if not completed).  The contractor has already trimmed tree limbs overhanging sidewalks and blocking pole lights, and shrub pruning is in progress.
In the last edition of The Pipeline, we asked HVCA owners to call the Community Manager at 301-Text Box: Page #
Text Box: The Pipeline
Text Box: Attention 
Condominium Owners

Confused about who is supposed to maintain the gardens around your building?  You need to understand the Condominium Garden Policy—visit WWW.HVCA.NET for more information. 
Text Box: HVCA is managed by:

Association Property Mgt., Inc.
P.O. Box 757
Olney, MD  20830-0757

Nadene L. Neel
Community Manager

Phone:  301-421-1001
Fax:  301-421-1002
E-Mail:  APMInc@attglobal.net

The HVCA Community Room, located at 18111 Homeland Drive, is available for rental to owners in good standing.  Call Nadene at 301-421-1001 for more information.