Text Box: after verification of assessment account balance. Please do not request special arrangements to obtain your passes.
Recreational Passes are issued only to members in good standing. If you have an unpaid assessment balance or an outstanding notice of covenant violation, Recreational Passes will not be issued to your household.
We wish all HVCA members and their guests a safe and enjoyable time at the pool this summer. 
Text Box: Please read the following information carefully:
The HVCA Pool will open for the 2005 season at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 28, 2005. Your 2005 Recreational Pass Application is enclosed with this newsletter.  If you or your family members plan to use the pool this summer, the application should be completed and returned promptly according to the instructions at the top of the application.  Do not mail the application to the assessment payment address.  
Applications received by the May 2nd deadline will be processed and passes will be Text Box: mailed by May 20th.  Applications received after the deadline may not be processed until after May 20th, and passes may not be received in time for opening day.  
In-person Recreational Pass distribution will take place on Thursday, May 26th from 5:30 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. in the HVCA Community Room.  In-person distribution is only for members who were unable to mail their Recreational Pass Application by mail due to extenuating circumstances.  
Starting June 1st, Recreational Pass Applications will be processed by mail only, once each week Text Box: 2005 Recreational Pass Information
Text Box: Board Briefs
Text Box: The following issues were discussed at recent HVCA Board of Directors Meetings:
The Board received two requests for additional pole lights.  The request from the 3400 block of Homeland Terrace was rejected as the board deemed the lighting adequate at the time the area was viewed.  In addition, owners can add lighting on their townhomes to increase the visibility in the area.  The request from Softwood Terrace, for a light at the mailbox, is being considered.  Due to the difficulty of running cables to this location, the board is looking into solar powered lighting.
The Board approved crack filling and net replacement on the tennis courts until a final Text Box: decision is made about the future of the tennis courts. 
The Board continues to deny requests for reserved parking in areas of the community that do not comply with the specifications in the Reserves Parking Policy (posted on WWW.HVCA.NET).
The Board approved moving the majority of HVCA’s reserve funds into OBA Bank, under an agreement that allows funds over $100K to be FDIC insured.
The Board approved spring roadway projects including sweeping of parking lots, fire lane painting, painting of reserved stencils, parking tic marks & handicapped stencils, and some asphalt Text Box: repairs.
The Board discussed pool issues, including water aerobics and rules for outside (paid) pool memberships.  Questions about water aerobics are on the application.  Paid family memberships will be limited to 6 persons.  A family of more than six  will require an additional charge.
The Board is discussing an addition to the community website that will certain members to post items of interest on HVCA.NET.
The Board discussed the  need for volunteers to serve on the Covenants Committee.
Text Box: Homeland Village Community Association
Text Box: Spring 2005
Text Box: The Pipeline
Text Box: Schedule of  
Homeland Village Community 
Association Meetings:


May 26, 2005
Board of Directors Meeting 

June 23, 2005
Board of Directors Meeting


August 25, 2005
Board of Directors Meeting

All meetings are held in the Community Room at 18111 Homeland Drive, starting at 7:00 p.m. and  typically on the last Thursday of the month.  All HVCA members are encouraged to attend the HVCA Board of Directors Meetings.
The Board of Directors reserves the right to cancel a meeting, without notice to its members, due to lack of quorum or inclement weather.
Text Box: Inside this issue:

Crime & Safety


A Fond Farewell


Understanding CCR’s


4th of July Party



Trash—You Need to Read This


McFall & Berry—New Landscaper in HVCA


Thinking of Selling?


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