Text Box: The HVCA Annual Meeting was held on December 7, 2004.  The 2004 Annual Meeting Ballot contained an important initiative asking members if HVCA should reduce the number of directors on the Board from 5 to 3.  HVCA has always operated with a five-director Board, but for the past two years HVCA has had only four directors and no volunteers for the fifth directors position.  With the resignation of yet another director in October, the HVCA Board of Directors was operating with just three directors.  This meant that each and every director had to be present at every meeting in order to have a quorum and conduct business.  
Text Box:  The outcome was great.  The community decided to keep a Board of five directors and new members stepped up to fill the vacancies.  For the first time in over two years the HVCA Board of Directors has a full compliment of directors.  
  Bob Beard’s three-year term on the HVCA Board of Directors ended in December.  We all want to thank Bob for the service that he provided to the community during this period.  Bob will continue to assist HVCA with the Covenants Committee.
  We also want to welcome HVCA’s three new directors, Enrique Chapoy, Mike Moran and Scott Wilbur.  
  To those HVCA members Text Box: who returned their proxies—thank you for helping HVCA obtain a quorum for its Annual Meeting.  We hope you can come to the meeting in person next year.  
Text Box: form
Past editions of “The Pipeline”
Area Maps
And so much more…
Did you know that  you can contact your Community Manager through the website, by using Contact@HVCA.Net.  To insure that your e-mail is recognized (and not deleted as spam), put HVCA or Homeland Village in your e-mail title.

Text Box:    
HVCA’s website is a wonderful resource for our  community members.   You can find:
Forms for Home Improvement projects and pool membership
A table of paint colors for HVCA townhomes
Board of Directors Meeting Schedule
The history of Homeland Village
The community covenants, rules & regulations in simplified Text Box:   If you still have not visited your community’s website, take a look.  We think you will find it interesting, and we are sure that you will learn something new about your community.   
Text Box: Winter Weather Reminders
Text Box: Update on HVCA Annual Meeting
Text Box: HVCA’s designated snow holding areas and do not park in these areas during a storm.
When clearing the snow from your car, DO NOT PUT THE SNOW ON THE CLEARED SIDEWALKS; ESPECIALLY IF THE SNOW HAS BEEN TREATED WITH SALT THAT WILL DAMAGE CONCRETE.   Place the snow from around your car on the grass area behind the sidewalks. 
Remember that Montgomery County is responsible for plowing Homeland Drive and Morningwood Drive—do not contact HVCA about conditions on these roads—contact Montgomery County Public Works.
Put a large mat and box (or other container) to hold your shoes at your front door— keep sidewalk abrasives contained at the door.
Winter weather events can be frustrating, but keep in mind that the Community Manager is not Text Box: responsible for the snow nor for the snow clearing.  HVCA employs McDonnell Contracting for snow clearing  and your calls concerning snow services will be promptly relayed to the contractor. 
If you must venture out into winter weather be sure to allow plenty of extra time for walking and driving.  If possible, stay home and let the contractors and the County do their jobs and clear the roads before you drive.
Text Box:   So, we have had two dreadful winters in a row and you think it’s time for a break.  It appears that Mother Nature may agree with you, but don’t count on it..  That lady is tricky.  
  We hope that every household is properly prepared for winter and here are a few reminders:
Turn off the water to exterior faucets and drain the pipes.
Check your gutters and downspouts to insure they are securely attached to your home and in good working order.  If they have not been cleaned recently, have them cleaned.
Purchase a couple bags of sand or kitty litter—keep one in your car and one in your home to use for traction during icy conditions. 
If you do not own a snow shovel—buy a snow shovel.
Review the snow clearing information in the HVCA  Welcome Booklet.  Review Text Box: Winter 2005


If you must venture out into winter weather be sure to allow plenty of extra time for walking and driving.  If possible, stay home and let the contractors and the County do their jobs and clear the roads before you drive.

It’s easy to contact HVCA, call 301-421-1001 (you can leave a message 24/7), e-mail

APMInc@attglobal.net or Contact@HVCA.net.


When sending an e-mail always use HVCA or Homeland Village in the subject line to insure it does not get deleted as spam.