Text Box: By now most HVCA owners have probably noticed the huge rolls of orange conduit and piles of dirt making their way around Homeland Village.  Verizon subcontractors are installing underground fiber optic cables  in conduit within the utility easement areas of the community.  While the end result of this work may be good, the current headaches can be numerous.  Here are some tips to help you through these trying times:

Noise—construction noise is loud and county laws allow it to start after 7:00 a.m. weekdays and 9:00 a.m. weekends.  If contractors working in HVCA are not complying with the county noise requirements, contact Montgomery Co. DEP at 240-777-7770.
Text Box: Hazardous Conditions— in order to bury cable you have to dig.  While a little mess and unsightliness is inevitable, it should be remedied promptly.  If the contractor leaves a mess on the property for an extended period of time, or leaves a hazardous condition that is not properly barricaded and contained; please contact the contractor, NTI, at 410-796-7770.  If the problem is not remedied promptly, contact the Community Manager at 301-421-1001.
Light Poles Out??  Many times when a contractor works on HVCA property they will break or nick one of HVCA’s underground lighting cables and a string of lights goes out.  If you notice it’s dark in your area, and it appears to be more than one light, please Text Box: check out the extent of the outage and contact the Community Manager at 301-421-1001.

If you have any questions or concerns about this project, do not hesitate to contact your Community Manager at 301-421-1001
Text Box: cardboard and yard trim.  Larger recyclable items require a telephone call to schedule this special pick up.  Call 240-777-6410 to insure you are following the proper procedures, request a new bin, and/or ask for their brochure.
Bulk Trash Items—HVCA does not provide bulk trash service.  Owners can make special arrangements by calling the HVCA trash hauler (BFI) at 1-800-833-8799, or HVCA owners may take their bulk trash to the county dump.
Street Signs Missing—Call Montgomery County Traffic Engineering at 240-777-2190.
Pet Rules—Both Homeland Village and Montgomery County laws require that pet owners clean Text Box: Light Poles Out—call 301-421-1001 day or night to report a light pole out.  Report both the pole number and the closest address.  If the light is not repaired within 5 days, call again.  Montgomery Co. Traffic Engineering services the light poles on Homeland Drive and Morningwood Drive (county roads) and their number is 240-777-2190.
Trash Collection is Tuesday and Friday.  Trash may not be placed out for pick up prior to 6:00 p.m. the day before collection.  Trash must be placed in a rigid container.   Recyclable, Bulk and Hazardous items are not accepted by HVCA’s trash hauler.  
Recycling (Montgomery Co.)  Refer to the county instructions for plastic, glass, metal, paper, Text Box: up their pet’s waste.  HVCA provides pet waste stations to assist owners with pet waste clean up.  Please do not put regular trash into the waste stations.  Remember to leash your pet to prevent injury to your pet, animals and people; and because it’s the law.

Following these reminders will help to keep your community clean and safe! 
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Text Box: New Homeowners in HVCA
The following new members recently moved into the Homeland Village Community:
Text Box: Verizon Subcontractors working in Homeland Village
Text Box: General (but Important) Reminders
Text Box: Debra Eig 
Rolling Meadow Way
Arthur & Phyllis Shine
Alejandra & Erik Havens
Michael Lowther
Ji Hyeong Yun
Text Box: Vintage Spring Terrace
Monica Toral & Giuseppe DiMenza
Morningwood Drive
David & Gail Claffey
Golden Spring Court
Juan Paco & Olga Morales
Text Box: HVCA is managed by:

Association Property Mgt., Inc.
P.O. Box 757
Olney, MD  20830-0757

Nadene L. Neel
Community Manager

Phone:  301-421-1001
Fax:  301-421-1002
E-Mail:  APMInc@attglobal.net
Text Box: Congratulations and Welcome to Homeland Village
Text Box: Fireplaces that are used regularly need to be cleaned annually to prevent creosote fires. 
Text Box: HVCA Payment Mailing Address:
Homeland Village Comm. Assoc.
c/o Association Property Mgt.
P.O. Box 7436
Silver Spring, MD  20907-7436

Do not send correspondence or forms to the payment address.  Correspondence should be sent to:

Homeland Village Comm. Assoc.
c/o Association Property Mgt.
P.O. Box 757
Olney, MD  20830-0757