Text Box: The following matters were discussed at recent Board of Directors Meetings:
   At the November 2004 Meeting, the Board approved a request from the condominium association to have HVCA remove two large pine trees on either side of building 23.  These trees provide access for squirrels to get on the roof, chew through the siding and enter the attic.  The trees were trimmed a few years ago (due to this problem) but trimming was a temporary solution.
   The Board approved  a request to install a fido station on Golden Spring Court, and to install a second handicapped parking space at building 16.  
   The Board approved the 2005 Pool Contract with Recreational Enterprises, Inc.
   The Board discussed and Text Box: adopted the 2005 Proposed Budget that was sent to all owners in October 2004.
   At the December 2004 Board of Directors Meeting, the Board discussed the two recent burglaries and agreed that the Safety Committee needed to be revitalized.  New director, Enrique Chapoy, and homeowner Jonathan Dalton both volunteered for this endeavor.  
   The Board voted to have the new Treasurer, Scott Wilbur, be a signer on the HVCA bank accounts.  (Signature cards will be obtained and changed.)
   The Board discussed a pay increase request from HVCA’s litter lady and instructed the Community Manager to send a response as discussed.
   The Board briefly discussed outstanding covenant violation Text Box: matters including the status of two complaints that were filed by HVCA with the Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities.   
  The Board agreed to cancel the January Meeting. 
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Text Box: More News from the Neighbor Network
Submitted by Alicia Mahmot, Volunteer Network Organizer
Text Box: Board Briefs
Text Box: 9643. 
We are currently looking for a fitness venue that would come to teach a pilates class in our community room once a week  (the previous contact fell through).  Contact mahmot@comcast.net or Contact@HVCA.Net 

Text Box: BUNKO 
 Our once a month bunko group is always looking for sub players.  Interested in knowing more?  Contact Alicia at mahmot@comcast.net.

Join fellow neighbors for a fun meet and greet on Sunday, January 30th,  6:30-8:00 pm in the Community Room.  
RSVP to your Court Rep or Alicia- mahmot @comcast.net
Text Box: Following is a recent email that was sent out to the Network:


A Safety committee is forming and needs your help. Please contact Nadene Neel at 301-421-1001 or Contact@HVCA.Net

The Cohens will host an informal Home Security system demo.  All interested in attending should contact Kim or Ken Cohen at 301 774-1383.

DOG SITTING/walking available-Need a dog walker/sitter? Chris Bernard lives on Sunset River Court and has local references  (301) 570-Text Box: Montgomery County 
Recycling News
   Christmas trees will be collected on your normal recycling day through February 4th.
   Montgomery Co. does not pick up yard waste that is placed in plastic bags (and neither does the trash contractor)  Yard waste must be put into paper bags or properly bundled.
  For answers to your recycling questions visit www.montgomerycounty
Or call 240-777-6410
Text Box: HVCA 
Board of Directors
Chris Patton
   President & Director
Don Duff
   Vice President & Director
Enrique Chapoy
   Secretary & Director
Scott Wilbur
   Treasurer & Director
Mike Moran

Welcome to new directors, Enrique, Scott & Mike!