Text Box: Submitted by Alicia Mahmot, Volunteer Network Organizer

Finally, our neighborhood email network is up and running!!  Did you know that each townhome/single family street has it’s own “Court Rep”—that’s a neighbor who cares about YOU! They have tried to meet you, have left a form to complete and have been sending out periodic emails regarding safety/crime, social/fun, economic and general information about our Homeland neighborhood.
Do you know who your “Court Rep” is? Below is the list of who’s who. If you have not been contacted by them, please email them & they will add your information to your court email list. (phone #  for emergencies & email address)
Townhomes /Single family                Court Rep                           	Email address
Golden Spring              	Lea-anne McNairy          	Mcnairyhouse@aol.com 
Homeland Terr.             	 Please contact               	mahmot@comcast.net
Homeland Dr               	Erin Walper                   	erin.walper@gmail.com
Morningwood-4100      	Diane Morley                 	dimorley@msn.com 
Morningwood-4000      	Holly Mueck                   	hollymueck@aol.com
Rolling Meadow           	Please contact               	mahmot@comcast.net
Rocky Ridge                	Anne Moran                   	meggtom@aol.com 
Softwood Terr.               	Kelly Cranford               	cranfordk@medimmune.com 
Sunset Lake                		Alicia Mahmot                	mahmot@comcast.net
Sunset River               		Marsha Barbour             	marsha@QBCT.com 
Vintage River              	Bob Beard                    	qbob@comcast.net
Vintage River              	Enrique Chapoy             	enrique.chapoy@verizon.net
Vintage Spring            	Kim Cohen                    	KCohen@cdmgroup.com
HVCA Community Mgr.       	Nadene Neel                 	APMInc@attglobal.net or Contact@HVCA.Net 

How does the email network work?  It’s a 2 way “street” - You email them and they email you with information that is to be shared either with your court or the community. 
Why do we need the network? When Officer PJ  Gregory came out to speak to the HVCA homeowners one of the things he discussed was that one of the best deterrents to crime was—Knowing Your Neighbor. Look out for your neighbors! Communication!! If you do not have an email, your court rep will make a copy of the email and leave it at your door if you wish.
What kind of info will you share/receive on the email network? You’ve noticed something unusual and want the neighbors to know ~IF you were burglarized…contact THE POLICE, Nadene at 301-421-1001 or Contact@HVCA.Net, and then your Court Rep (so they can alert the neighbors) ~You are having a yard sale ~ Purple Heart is coming to pickup donations in 2 weeks ~ Your son or daughter is available for babysitting in the neighborhood ~ The monthly bunko group needs a sub ~Your court rep is having a get together to welcome or help out a neighbor!  
The network is a communication tool for neighbors.  If your issue requires the assistance of the Community Association or your condominium, contact the appropriate association (not your Court Rep.)   
Rolling Meadow Way Residents—We still need volunteer reps from your area!
Text Box: 2005.  
  We will experience a transition period in the spring of 2005 and we need your cooperation and help.  When you see a problem with the performance of the crew or see that something is being missed or done improperly, please forward this information to Nadene promptly.  Sending this information by e-mail will allow Nadene to forward it directly to our new contractor.  Send to APMInc@attglobal.net or Contact@HVCA.Net.  If you don’t have e-mail please call 301-421-1001.  If you get the voice mail Text Box: HVCA has contracted with McFall & Berry Landscape Mgt., Inc. for 2005 landscape maintenance services.  This the first time in eight years that HVCA has changed landscape contractors.  HVCA was pleased with the services of the previous contractor, Bethke Landscaping, but agreed in 2004 that it was time to bid out the contract and check cost and services. The range was dramatic.  
After contacting references the HVCA Board of Directors voted to make a change and contract with the low bidder, McFall & Berry for Text Box: system, please leave a detailed message along with your name and phone number (for questions).   
We hope to have a successful year with our new contractor.  If all goes well, the landscaping savings will be reflected in the 2006 budget.
Text Box: New Landscape Contractor for HVCA
Text Box: Winter 2005
Text Box: Wouldn’t it be great if Fido could use the toilet?  Well that doesn’t work so we provided the next best thing:


The law requires pet owners to clean up their pet’s droppings, and we make it easy.  If you are still unable to master the “get bag, remove droppings, tie bag, deposit in container” idea; regular practice will help your technique.  Just think of how embarrassing it is for your dog…

We now have four Fido Stations placed at strategic locations in your community—take your dog out and visit one today!  

Check out the new station on Golden Spring Court!


The HVCA Community Room, located at 18111 Homeland Drive, is available for rental to owners in good standing.  HVCA can provide use of the room to members for community group activities.  Call Nadene at 301-421-1001 for more information.