Text Box: comprised of an odd number of directors; 3, 5,or 7.  After discussing the prospect of continuing with only four members, the HVCA Board of Directors voted to reduce its number to three.  
It is the sincere hope of the directors that other owners in HVCA will step up to serve and that the Board can be increased back to five members.  HVCA is a large community and there are only three directors making the critical decisions for 370 HVCA homes.  Please consider volunteering.  
Text Box: The HVCA Board of Directors has not had a five-member Board since September 2002.  Each communication to HVCA owners expresses the need for one or more directors to fill vacancies on the Board.  During the August Board of Directors meeting, two owners announced their desire to serve.  Unfortunately, one of the two owners later decided against serving.  Additionally, one current board member is resigning, leaving a three-member board and only one HVCA owner to potentially fill two vacancies.
The Board could continue as Text Box: a five-member board with only four members, but there are serious problems with this situation that have been realized repeatedly in the past two years:
1) When the Board is divided on an issue the  vote may be even, with no possibility of a tie-breaking vote.
2) If just one director is absent from a meeting, it is imperative that other directors be present and on time or the Board does not have a quorum to conduct business.
The Bylaws require that the Board of Directors be Text Box: HVCA Board Reduces to Three Directors
Text Box: HVCA 2005 Proposed Budget
Text Box: The HVCA 2005 Proposed Budget is included with this newsletter mailing.  There will be a Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, November 18, 2004 to adopt the HVCA 2005 Budget.  
The winters of 2002/03 and 2003/04 were brutal.  Two consecutive years HVCA was forced to borrow funds from its Reserves  to pay for extraordinary snow clearing expenses.   Reserves are funds that are set aside for future replacements and not for shortfalls in operations funding; however, it is permissible to loan reserve funds if an acceptable payback schedule is established.  
The HVCA 2005 Proposed Budget includes an increase Text Box: in the assessment fee of attached units from $70 to $75 per month.  This is the only significant change and it is being proposed to repay the funds borrowed from Reserves.  Hopefully the coming winters will be mild, the reserve repayment will be swift, and HVCA can consider reducing the attached unit assessments in the near future.  
If you have questions about the proposed budget, please submit your questions, in writing, to Nadene L. Neel, APMI, P.O. Box 757, Olney, Maryland 20830-0757; or you may e-mail your questions to APMInc@attglobal.net.  All questions received prior to the meeting will be read and discussed at the meeting.
Text Box: If the Proposed Budget is adopted without change or modification, you will not receive another copy of the FY2005 Budget for HVCA, so please retain this copy.  Payment booklets with coupons for the FY2005 HVCA assessment fee will be mailed to each owner the latter part of December.  If you have not received your new coupon booklet by December 30, 2004, please contact the management office.
To save on expenses, a budget narrative is not included with this mailing.  If you wish to receive a copy of HVCA’ s budget narrative please contact the management office.
Text Box: Homeland Village Community Association
Text Box: Autumn 2004
Text Box: The Pipeline
Text Box: Schedule of Homeland Village Community Association 
Board of Directors Meetings:
No Meeting in October
November 18, 2004
December 7, 2004	 HVCA’s Annual Meeting

All meetings are held in the Community Room at 18111 Homeland Drive, starting at 7:00 p.m..  All members are encouraged to attend.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to cancel a meeting without notice to its members due to lack of quorum or inclement weather



Board of Directors


Chris Patton

   President & Director


Bob Beard

   Treasurer & Director


Don Duff

   Secretary & Director