Text Box: Officer P.J. Gregory of the MCPD returned to HVCA on May 27, 2004 for a presentation on crime & safety.  The presentation (announced in the previous edition of The Pipeline) was attended by less than three homeowners—all of who attended the meeting for other reasons. 
This was indeed unfortunate as Ofc. Gregory provided a Text Box: number of good safety tips and true stories followed by a lively discussion.  Tips included:
Report ALL suspicious activities (cars and/or people) to 301-279-8000
Don’t second-guess, CALL and note the following—car type & color, tag #, clothing
Turn your lights on
Consider a Neighborhood Text Box: Watch Program
Regularly check your locks, hinges, doorknobs, windows and sliding doors for tightness and proper  operation
 Close curtains at night to conceal valuables (TV, stereo).
Call Ofc. Gregory 240-773-5524 for a personal home safety survey. 
Text Box: trash container, it is bulk trash and will not be collected under HVCA’s trash contract.)
If HVCA residents do not voluntarily comply by properly containing food source garbage and using rigid containers, the extermination plan will fail and the problem will spread. HVCA will then be forced to implement new rules and regulations and a schedule of fines for non-compliant residents.  HVCA does not want to take such extreme measures, but this is a serious problem and it requires the immediate attention and action of all residents.
Pet owners must be diligent in removing their pets feces from all areas promptly.  Pet owners will also need to carefully supervise their pet(s) to insure that they stay away from the bait stations and from all rat burrows.
Parents need to emphasize to their children the importance of NOT LITTERING—ESPECIALLY FOOD WRAPPERS. 
Bird and animal lovers—we are sorry, but you must take your bird feeders off of the property and you may not Text Box: FOOD SOURCE GARBAGE— food wrappers, food containers, bones, pet feces, disposable diapers, ANYTHING that is a food source for rats must be contained out of reach of rats so that they will begin to feed from the bait stations.       
HVCA needs all residents to immediately and voluntarily put all food source garbage (that will be placed outside and on the common property for collection) in a metal container. We suggest that you use a permanent marker to label your container with your address and attach the lid with a cord if it is removable.
Some owners may have only a small amount of food source garbage weekly.  In such cases, consider sharing a metal container with your neighbor.
Montgomery County laws require that all trash must be contained in a rigid container.  To comply with county laws, HVCA is asking all of its residents to stop placing plastic bags of trash on the common property and to purchase and begin to use proper rigid containment for all household trash. (Remember that if the trash will not fit properly into a Text Box: place nuts or bread on the property for the birds and squirrels.
What should you do if you see a dead rat?  Please remove it from the property.  Do not call HVCA expecting someone to come out and remove it for you.  HVCA does not have the manpower or the budget funds available to send someone to the property to pick up a dead rat.  Take two plastic (grocery) bags, place them on your hand, turn the bags inside out, pick up the rat with your covered hand, turn the bag right side out, tie a tight knot at the top and dispose of it in your sealed metal container. Regarding rat burrows and rats dying in burrows.  LEAVE THE BURROWS ALONE.  The pest extermination contractor will be monitoring the burrows for activity and will fill them in when the activity ceases.  STAY AWAY FROM THE BURROWS.
This is a serious problem that requires the cooperation of all residents.  If you see that your neighbor is not cooperating, please remind them that their lack of effort will result in the failure of HVCA’s efforts to exterminate the rats from our community.    
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The HVCA Community Room, located at 18111 Homeland Drive, is available for rent to owners in good standing.  Call Nadene at 301-421-1001 for more information.

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