Text Box:  Covenants, Rules & Regulations (CCR’s)  are requirements that are incorporated into the land records of the community.  They are found in documents such as the HVCA Declaration of Covenants, Bylaws and Architectural Guidelines.   They were established to govern the internal affairs and exterior appearance or “curb-appeal” of the community.  Each resident in HVCA has agreed to comply with the CCR’s by virtue of their purchase or Text Box: lease agreement.  Unfortunately, many owners do not take the time to educate themselves about the CCR’s and find out the hard way.  
 CCR’s that are frequently overlooked (or ignored) are Architectural CCR’s.  Owners and residents in HVCA may not make any change to the exterior of their home or yard without first obtaining written approval for the planned change (with the exception of minor landscaping on Text Box: privately owned lots).  Ignorance is not an excuse for making changes without prior approval.  If you make changes without prior approval, you run the risk of having to remove the change(s) at your expense.
To learn more, review your community documents, read the HVCA Welcome Booklet and visit HVCA.NET.  If you have any questions about exterior changes, the answers are only a phone call away—call or e-mail the Community Manager.     
Text Box: one person takes this step, they are guaranteed to be swamped with so many volunteers that your biggest challenge will be to keep everyone busy with assignments.    
Many HVCA families Text Box:  Last year HVCA cancelled its annual 4th of July Party because no one would volunteer to Chair the Committee.  You see, people think it’s a lot of work, but it isn’t.  All it takes is ONE person to stand up and say, I”LL DO IT.  If just Text Box: were sad to have the 4th of July Party cancelled.  It had been a tradition for five years.  Don’t let it be cancelled again.    Be the one (or two or three) who say, I’LL DO IT. Call today 301-421-1001.
Text Box:  Why You Need to Understand Covenants, Rules & Regulations
Text Box: Calling All 4th of July Party Volunteers
Text Box: HVCA Owners In Search of a Safer, Friendlier Community?
Text Box: contact between your neighbors and the Homeland Village Community. 
In December there was a tragic fire in one of the condominiums on Rolling Meadow Way.  For many people in HVCA it was a “wake-up” call.  You need to know your neighbors so that you can help them, and so Text Box: that they can help you, in the event of an emergency.  
 If you agree that a safer, friendlier community is the way to go, and you can be a Court Rep, then please contact Alicia Mahmot at Mahmot@comcast.net or 301-570-1653 for more information. 
Text Box: Do you want a safer, friendlier community?  Do you enjoy meeting and getting to know your neighbors?  If so, then we need YOUR HELP.  
We are in search of “Court Reps” - A person or persons from each townhome court or terrace in Homeland Village who will be a main Text Box: Page #
Text Box: Spring 2004
Text Box: Wouldn’t it be great if Fido could use the toilet?  Well that doesn’t work so we provided the next best thing:
The law requires pet owners to clean up their pet’s droppings, and we make it easy.  If you are still unable to master the “get bag, remove droppings, tie bag, deposit in container” idea; regular practice will help your technique.  Just think of how embarrassing it is for