Text Box: In response to recent disturbing criminal events in HVCA, Officer P.J. Gregory,  MCPD Community Services Officer, joined the HVCA Board and members at the March 25th Board of Directors Meeting to discuss crime and safety issues.  Officer Gregory provided HVCA members with written materials on vandalism, parking lot safety, carjacking and reporting suspicious activities.  Officer Gregory will be returning to HVCA to discuss personal safety issues on May 27, 2004, 7:00 Text Box: p.m..
Recent crimes in HVCA have included a car theft on Rolling Meadow Way, extensive vandalism to cars on Homeland Drive, personal property stolen from cars, and entry into and theft from a condo on Rolling Meadow Way.  The theft from a condo may have been prevented by insuring that all door locks were functioning properly and locked.  All owners should check their door locks and make any necessary adjustments to insure they are working properly. 
Text Box: In mid-December in the middle of the day, one of two young white males assaulted an HVCA owner who was walking to her home on Vintage Spring Terrace. The perpetrators fled with the victims purse, which was later found, minus the cash.  The perpetrators have not been apprehended.  
If you have information that could assist MCPD in solving these crimes, please contact MCPD at 301-279-8000.  Your name will be kept confidential upon request.    
Text Box: Homeland Terrace:
  M. Argueta & P. Lazo
Rolling Meadow Way:
  V. Ricar & S.Nerlinger
  Kristy Miller
Rocky Ridge Lane:
  Amy Adams
Text Box:  Sunset Lake Court:
  Uyon Ho & Ly Hguyen
Sunset River Court:
  John Kitlas
Softwood Terrace:
  Charles Diener
  Aisha Mayfield
Text Box: Investment Owners:
Antonio Rogriguez, Vintage River Terrace
R. & S. Goldstone & D. & L. Benitah, Rolling Meadow Way
Gene Molovinsky, Rolling Meadow Way

Text Box: Crime & Safety  -  More About Prevention on May 27, 2004
Text Box: New Owners - Welcome to Homeland Village!
Text Box:   Goodbye To The Tennis Courts???
Text Box: members to contact the Board with their thoughts and opinions.  The first time 12 members responded and they were split 50/50 on the issue.  The second time 66 members responded; 22 members were in favor of resurfacing the courts and 44 members were opposed or  concerned about spending the money to resurface the courts.  66 members out of 370 homes is less than 18% of HVCA’s total Text Box: membership.  This is an important issue and the committee needs to know your views and opinions.   
This is a new poll and your last chance to let HVCA know what you want.  Please answer the questions on the Recreational Pass Application.      WE NEED YOUR INPUT ON THIS IMPORTANT ISSUE!     
Text Box: In January, the HVCA Board of Directors formed a Committee to gather  information and make recommendations on the future of the HVCA tennis courts.  HVCA has the funds reserved to resurface the tennis courts and it is time for the courts to be resurfaced, but do we want to spend the funds to resurface the courts?  Is this a wise use of your money?
 Twice, HVCA has asked

HVCA is still looking to fill a vacancy on the Board of Directors.  If you are interested, please contact Nadene at 301-421-1001.

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Board of Directors

Chris Patton
   President & Director
Bob Beard
   Treasurer & Director
Don Duff
   Secretary & Director
Lillian Litowsky
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