Text Box: The Homeland Village Community Association website, WWW.HVCA.NET has a brand new look.   HVCA contracted to have the site overhauled, and the result is easy access to volumes of HVCA specific information.  Take a look.  You will learn things that you never knew about the community where you live. 
We hope to continue to expand Text Box: the site, in addition to keeping it current.  Our goal is to maintain a solid resource for HVCA owners and residents.  We welcome your input and suggestions to improve the site.
Check it out! 
Text Box: association financial information, and certifications.   It can be obtained from HVCA’s management company.   The package requires a few days preparation and a fee that is payable upon receipt.  
2) One of the required certifications concerns architectural covenants.   If your home contains any exterior architectural Text Box: If you plan to sell your home in HVCA, in addition to all the other issues involved in the sale of property, there are three very important issues, related to HVCA, that you need to know.
1) Maryland State Law requires that you provide your purchaser with a “Resale Package”.  This package contains all community documents, Text Box: concerns or violations, this information must be provided to the purchaser.  
3) Within 30 days of transfer, Maryland Law requires that the association is provided with a “Notice of Transfer” containing name and address information for both the seller and purchaser. 
Text Box: New Look for WWW.HVCA.NET
Text Box: Thinking of Selling in HVCA?  3 Things You Need to Know
Text Box: Condominium Garden Policy
Text Box: policy calls for condominium owners to “register” their gardens.  A form is being developed to assist owners with this requirement and it should be available on HVCA’s website this summer.  
The Condominium Garden Policy applies to all gardens in condominium areas (Rolling Meadow Way, Golden Spring Court and part of Vintage River Terrace) that were installed Text Box: by condominium owner(s) past and present, and are not part of the original plan for the community.  
If you inherited a garden (when you purchased your condominium) and do not have a green thumb, or are otherwise unable to maintain your owner-installed garden, please contact the Community Manager to discuss what can be done to remove the garden and restore the area.     
Text Box: Last year HVCA developed, distributed and adopted a Policy for Condominium Gardens.  The policy was sent to all owners along with the 2004 Proposed Budget and it can also be found at WWW.HVCA.NET.  The policy requires all condominium owners to maintain their gardens in accordance with adopted standards, i.e. bordered with suitable materials, mulched and weeded.  In addition the Text Box: Page #
Text Box: The Pipeline
Text Box: Attention 
Condominium Owners

Confused about who is supposed to maintain the gardens around your building?  You need to understand the Condominium Garden Policy—visit WWW.HVCA.NET for more Text Box: HVCA is managed by:

Association Property Mgt., Inc.
P.O. Box 757
Olney, MD  20830-0757

Nadene L. Neel
Community Manager

Phone:  301-421-1001
Fax:  301-421-1002
E-Mail:  APMInc@attglobal.net

The HVCA Community Room, located at 18111 Homeland Drive, is available for rental to owners in good standing.  Call Nadene at 301-421-1001 for more information.