Text Box: Rolling Meadow Way:   
   Roxana Francuzenko
   Rixie Scott
   Leslie Anne Raser
   John & Margaret Slattery

   Gary & Rebecca Mullings
   Patrick O’Neill
   Sajeev Rambob

   David McNairy

Congratulations and Welcome to the Homeland Village Community!
Text Box: door to obtain the minimum, required number of proxies (or members in person) needed to have a quorum and start the Annual Meeting.  The HVCA documents require a quorum of 25% of owners needed to hold the Annual Meeting.  This equates to proxies or persons representing 93 households in Homeland Village.   
Text Box: The Annual Meeting of the Homeland Village Community Association is scheduled for Wednesday, December 10, 2003.  All owners have received the Annual Meeting Announcement.  
Almost every year the meeting is delayed while volunteer homeowners go out door-to-Text Box: Please don’t send your neighbors out in to the night on December 10th.  The weather could be miserable, and it just isn’t fair to ask a few owners to undertake this task because you forgot to return your proxy. Plan to attend the meeting, or complete and return your proxy in time to be received and counted at the Annual Meeting.  
Text Box:    Welcome to New HVCA Homeowners
Text Box: HVCA Annual Meeting Scheduled for December 10, 2003
Text Box: Important HVCA Reminders
Text Box: accepts mixed paper, yard trim and household metal items such as washers and bikes.  Recyclable items may require special bundling—refer to county instructions for yard trim and cardboard.  Larger recyclable items require a telephone call to schedule this special pick up.  Montgomery County Division of Solid Waste can be reached at 240-777-6410.  Call to insure you are following the proper procedures, request a new bin, and/or ask for their brochure.

Bulk Trash Items—HVCA does not provide bulk trash service.  Owners can make special arrangements by calling the HVCA trash hauler (BFI) at 1-800-833-8799, or HVCA owners may take their bulk trash to the Text Box: county dump.

Street Signs Missing—Call Montgomery County Traffic Engineering at 240-777-2190.

Pet Rules—Both Homeland Village and Montgomery County laws require that pet owners clean up their pet’s waste.  HVCA provides pet waste stations to assist owners with pet waste clean up.  Please do not put regular trash into the waste stations.  Remember to leash your pet to prevent injury to your pet, animals and people; and because it’s the law.

Following these reminders will help to keep your community clean and safe! 

Text Box: Light Poles Out—call 301-421-1001 anytime, day or night, to report a light pole out.  Please report both the pole number and the closest address.  Montgomery County Traffic Engineering services the light poles on Homeland Drive and Morningwood Drive (county roads) and their number is 240-777-2190.

Trash Collection is Tuesday and Friday.  Trash may not be placed out for pick up prior to 6:00 p.m. the day before collection.  Trash must be placed in a rigid container or extra-strength trash bag.  Recyclable, Bulk and Hazardous items are not collected by HVCA’s trash hauler.  

Recycling is picked up by Montgomery County.  Recycling Text Box: Remember—Fireplaces that are used regularly need to be cleaned annually to prevent creosote fires.

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Text Box: Community Room Rentals

HVCA’s Community Room is available to Owners in HVCA for parties, showers, social gatherings and meetings.  Call Nadene at 301-421-1001 to check availability. 
Text Box: Homeland Village Community Association is managed by:

Association Property Management
P.O. Box 757
Olney, Maryland  20830-0757

Phone:  301-421-1001
Fax:  301-421-1002
E-mail:  APMInc@attglobal.net

Nadene L. Neel
Community Manager

Caution—Autumn Leaves are slippery when wet.