Text Box: * Public Works.
* Put a large mat and box (or other container) to hold your shoes at your front door— keep sidewalk abrasives contained at the door.
* Winter weather events can be frustrating, but keep in mind that the Community Manager is not responsible for the snow nor for the snow clearing.  HVCA employs McDonnell Contracting for snow clearing  and your calls concerning snow services will be promptly relayed to the contractor. 
* Lastly, if you must venture out into winter weather, allow plenty of extra time for walking and driving.  If possible, stay home and let the contractors and the County clear the roads.
Text Box: After last winter we certainly hope that every household in this area is prepared for winter, but just in case you are still thinking about summer here are a few reminders:
* Turn off the water to exterior faucets and drain the pipes.
* Check your gutters and downspouts to insure they are securely attached to your home and in good working order.  If they have not been cleaned recently, have them cleaned.
* Purchase a couple bags of sand or kitty litter—keep one in your car and one in your home to use for traction during icy conditions. 
* If you do not own a snow shovel—buy a snow shovel.
Text Box: * Review the snow clearing information in the HVCA  Welcome Booklet.  Review HVCA’s designated snow holding areas and do not park in these areas during a storm.
* When clearing the snow from your car, DO NOT PUT THE SNOW ON THE CLEARED SIDEWALKS; ESPECIALLY IF THE SNOW HAS BEEN TREATED WITH SALT THAT WILL DAMAGE CONCRETE.   Place the snow from around your car on the grass area behind the sidewalks. 
* Remember that Montgomery County is responsible for plowing Homeland Drive and Morningwood Drive—do not contact HVCA about conditions on these roads—contact Montgomery County 
Text Box: Is Your Household Prepared for Winter Weather?
Text Box: Board Briefs
Text Box: The following issues were discussed at the September HVCA Board Meeting (there was no meeting in August due to lack of quorum):
¨ The Board approved distribution of the Condominium Garden Policy to all owners with the Proposed Budget.  The policy will be discussed and adopted at the November meeting.
¨ The Board agreed to renegotiate with Bethke Landscaping for the 2004 grounds maintenance contract.
¨ A contract with Recreational Enterprises, Inc. was approved for 2004 Pool Management Services.
Text Box: ¨ The board approved a plan for repaying the funds borrowed from HVCA’s reserve fund for 2003 snow clearing.
¨ Proposals were reviewed for lighting the new flagpole at the Community Building and Power Systems Electric was selected.
¨ The small sampling of opinions that were received by the Board regarding whether or not to resurface the tennis courts were evenly divided.  It was decided to place this question on the Annual Meeting Ballot.
¨  The Board ratified its decision to whitecoat the pool (a scheduled reserve expense) and to reinstall only one racing lane.
¨ The Board discussed the 
Text Box: ¨ canopies/screened tents that are being erected in some townhome yards and on some decks.  The Board agreed that the HVCA documents prohibit these temporary structures and violation notices should be sent to owners with canopies.
¨ The Board approved a policy for the use of the HVCA pool in conjunction with rental of the community room.
¨ The Vice President of the Board, Ramsey Williams, announced that he and his family will be moving from the Homeland Village community and he stepped down from his position on the Board.  The Board thanked Ramsey for his service to the HVCA community.

Text Box: November 2003

Text Box: Schedule of  
Homeland Village
 Community Association Meetings:
November 20, 2003
Board of Directors Meeting
December 10, 2003
HVCA Annual Meeting and  Board of Directors Meeting
January 29, 2004
Board of Directors Meeting 
February 26, 2004
Board of Directors Meeting
All meetings are held in the Community Room at 18111 Homeland Drive, starting at 7:00 p.m.  All HVCA members are encouraged to attend.
The Board of Directors reserves the right to cancel a meeting, without notice to its members, due to lack of quorum or inclement weather.
Text Box: HVCA 
Board of Directors
Chris Patton
   President & Director
Bob Beard
   Treasurer & Director
Don Duff
   Secretary & Director
Lillian Litowsky

Text Box: The HVCA Board of Directors and Association Property Management, Inc. wish you and your family a safe and happy Holiday Season and a peaceful New