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August 2003

Everyone Pays For Vandalism in HVCA,              Until someone reports the vandal...

Each year HVCA property is vandalized and this year has been no exception.  HVCA spends hundreds of dollars each year repairing vandalism.

· The pool and community building were egged

· The windows of the community building were smeared with mud

· The pool fence fabric is bent beyond repair after repeated trespassing attempts

· There was an attempt to pry open the pool house coke machine

· Numerous pole light  lenses were broken out (especially on Vintage River Terrace)

·  A fire was set under the bench of the tot lot on Golden Spring Court

·  Private property incidents included egging of private residence and car break-ins.


Every HVCA owner pays for the expense associated with repairing vandalism.  But in instances where a member of HVCA reports the  vandalism and the vandal, HVCA has successfully obtained reimbursement of repair expenses for its members.  If you know someone who is destroying or defacing community property, help HVCA save your association funds for better uses—report vandalism.

Events in the HVCA Community Room

We are starting a monthly FUN dice game BUNKO group in September.  Get to know some of your neighbors and meet new friends!!  Here are the specifics:


Monthly BUNKO night will be held at the HVCA community room on the first Thursday evening of each month from 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (Sept. 4, Oct. 2, Nov. 6, Dec. 4).  The cost of $5.00 will go toward the evenings prizes.  We need only 6 more HVCA friends to get this going.  If interested, please call Alicia Mahmot 301-570-1653 or e-mail  12 players are needed to meet monthly—commit to be a regular or a sub!


Your HVCA assessment fees do not cover or include disposal of Bulk Trash items.  Owners and residents can contact BFI (HVCA’s hauler) at 1-800-833-8799 to arrange and pay for an individual bulk trash pick-up or owners may dispose of bulk items at the county dump.  Unfortunately some owners and residents put their bulk trash on common property secretly, under the cover of night, without making any arrangements for its disposal.  Owners or tenants who are identified placing bulk items on common property without making proper arrangements for the immediate disposal of these items may have bulk trash removal charges ranging from a minimum of $50 to $150 placed on the owners HVCA assessment account.  Remember— disposal of bulk items is free at the county dump—in HVCA it COSTS! 

Text Box: Call for Nominations for the HVCA Board of Directors
	Each year at its Annual Meeting HVCA elects one or two new directors to replace those directors whose terms are expiring.  This year we have two directors terms expiring and, therefore, two positions on the board to fill.  The positions are for a three-year term.  While we may be fortunate enough to have one or both incumbents run for another term on the board, they may choose not to do so.  Therefore, each year at this time we put out a “Call for Nominations” for the Board of Directors.
	Any HVCA member in good standing is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.  Serving on the Board of Directors is an excellent way to help make positive changes in your community.  It also provides a unique insight into the operation of your Community Association.  If you are able and willing to serve your community in this manner, please send a short letter of interest (including your name, address, pertinent background information and a brief statement about why you want to serve on the HVCA Board of Directors) to:
Homeland Village Community Association
P.O. Box 726
Olney, MD  20830-0726
Your letter of interest needs to be received by September 26, 2003 for your name to appear as a candidate on the ballot.  Letters of interest may be copied and included with the Notice of Annual Meeting.  If you have any questions about submitting a letter of interest, please do not hesitate to call Nadene at 301-421-1001.