Text Box: alternative uses include a pavilion and playground area.  The area could  not be used for basketball or skating due to insurance, liability and noise concerns.  	
	This is a major expense and decision for HVCA and the Board wants to hear your opinions and comments on this issue. This issue will be discussed at the August meeting.  Please let the Board know what you think by submitting your comments in writing to HVCA, PO Box 726, Olney, Text Box: 	After 15 years of wear and tear, patching, crack filling and color coating, the HVCA tennis courts are due for major resurfacing.  This is a scheduled expense in the HVCA Reserve Plan and the HVCA Board began to look at bids for resurfacing the tennis courts early this Spring.  The cost for resurfacing will be between $32,000 and $38,000 depending on the method of resurfacing.
	This major expense prompted a discussion about Text Box: the number of HVCA members that actually use the tennis courts (for tennis that is and not for skating, soccer or dog training).  Can the community justify spending $32K to $38K to maintain this amenity?  If the final answer is no, and the tennis courts are eliminated, what should HVCA do with this space?
	The Board is discussing these questions and has briefly discussed alternate uses for the tennis court area.  Suggested Text Box: Tennis Courts—Can HVCA Justify The Expense of Resurfacing? 
Text Box:    Board Briefs  
Text Box: 	The following briefs are from the April and June, 2003 HVCA Board of Directors Meetings.  (the March & May meetings were cancelled due to lack of quorum) :
	Preparing the pool house for its Memorial Day Weekend opening required more work than usual.  The Board approved a contract with Palmer Brothers for power washing, exterior wood replacement & painting, and a contract with Hann & Hann for replacing the skylights and interior repairs necessitated by water damage.  
	The Board approved a contract with Chamberlain Contractors for street sweeping and painting of the firelane curbs.  Chamberlain inadvertently painted the handicapped parking spaces and parking tics in the community and, since that project needed Text Box: to be done and was slated for next year, the Board agreed to pay 50% of the original proposed cost.  
	The Board reviewed bids for replacement of the asphalt paths in HVCA but did not select a contractor due to possible changes in the scope of this project.  We have since confirmed that Montgomery County is responsible for maintaining the asphalt path (as well as the trees, sidewalks and pole lights) along the two county roads, Homeland Drive and Morningwood Drive.  The asphalt path proposals originally included the asphalt path from the tennis courts to Route 108.  New proposals are being requested.
 	The board approved a request for a handicapped parking space to be installed on Rolling Meadow Way.  The Board also approved a draft Text Box: policy for parties using the pool in conjunction with a community room rental.
	Board discussion involving resurfacing of the tennis courts is noted in the previous article. The Board also discussed problems with trees in HVCA, dumping of bulk trash and vandalism  (see separate articles on these subjects).
	The Board discussed concerns about a number of covenant violations on a few properties on the Softwood Terrace.  One covenant issue was referred to an attorney.  The Board approved printing and distribution of Friendly Reminder notices by the Covenants Committee.
	The Board appointed a new director to fill the vacant position on the Board and we are pleased to welcome Lil Litowsky to the HVCA Board of Directors.

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