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The Colors of Homeland Village

To assist owners with their spring clean-up and repairs, the following are the color schemes for the townhomes in Homeland Village. All paint is McCormick, all siding is ALCOA Vinyl, the brick is Maryland Clay, and the roofing shingles are all GAF. Townhome owners should be able to determine their scheme from the siding and brick colors - but if you have any questions call HVCA.

Homeland Village Townhomes

  Scheme 1 Scheme 2 Scheme 3 Scheme 4
Brick Nutmeg Patuxent Winter Birch Chesapeake
Siding Sandtone Almond Colonial Blue Heritage Grey
Roof Golden Cedar Rustic Brown Blend Colonial Slate Weathered Grey
Trim Fawn #117 Tavern Beige #111 Wheat #108 Amber White #101
Door Old Colonial Red #225 Georgetown Green #220 Fawn #117 Hearthstone #216

Back-to-Back Townhomes

Scheme Siding Trim Doors/Shutters
1 Sandtone Fawn #117 Farm House Red #217
2 Sandtone Chadwicke Tan #116 Foxhall Green #202
3 Almond Tavern Beige #111 Georgetown Green #220
4 Almond Woodland #112 Deep Forest Brown #224
5 Colonial Blue Wheat #108 Fawn #117
6 Colonial Blue Incense #106 Hearthstone #216
7 Heritage Grey Amber White #101 Hearthstone #216
8 Heritage Grey Wheat #108 Q14-38T

Roofs are GAF Colonial Slate

Siding is ALCOA, TWIN 4, Woodgrain, or German Lap

Villa Condominiums

The painting of the villa condominium buildings is the responsibility of the Homeland Village at Olney Condominium; therefore we are not publishing these colors. If you need to know the name of a specific paint for a villa condominium building, call Nadene.

Single Family Homes

The paints used on the exterior of the Single Family homes are required to remain consistent with the original colors of the home, which are also McCormick Paint, Colonial Exterior Colours Collection.

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