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Changes to Homeland Village Community Association, Architectural Covenants Committee, Guidelines & Covenant Rules

Proposed changes and/or additions are noted in bold, italic print

Proposed deletions are highlighted

Proposed Changes were adopted by the HVCA Board of Directors on February 24, 2000

Page 2, Decks, Townhouse and Single Family Home Specifications

New decking matrials such as “Trex” will be considered on a case by case basis. Stained or painted wood will not be allowed. Wood stains and paint colors that are in harmony with the home and other surrounding elements will be considered on a case by case basis.

Page 3, Fences, Single Family Home Specifications

Fences must may be of pressure-treated, natural wood or a product that resembles the texture and color or wood. Fences shall and maintain the uniform ornamentation of the neighborhood. Fences may be either four or range from three to six feet in height. No fence will be allowed that extends past the front of the home. No chain link fences will be permitted.

Page 7, Storm Doors, Townhomes, Villas and Back-to-Back Specifications

Storm Doors must be constructed of metal (i.e. aluminum) or wood. The color must be white or match the color of the door or trim as specified in the original color scheme provided by Artery to HVCA, or as documented in an approved color change. The storm door glass must be rectangular, one or two panes, and offer a full view either a full view or not less than a two-thirds vertical and horizontal view of the door. Crossbuck or similar styles which will not accommodate glass allowing a full view a two-thirds vertical and horizontal view of the front door will not be permitted. Storm doors which meet these specifications need not be submitted to the Covenant Committee for approval.

(The remainder of this section remains unchanged from the original text.)

Page 7, Color Changes and Painting, Townhomes, Back-to-Back and Single Family Home Specifications

Any exterior painting that involves a color change will not be permitted will be considered on a case-by-case basis and only when the color is within one of the approved color schemes for Homeland Village. In general, only those areas that are painted may be repainted, with the exception of the metal roofing material over bay windows. In many cases the color of this material has become such that painting is required for aesthetic purposes. Any painting of this metal should be done so as to closely resemble the color of the original material. All other unpainted surfaces such as brick shall remain unpainted.

(The remainder of this section remains unchanged from the original text).

Page 8, Antennae and Satellite Dishes

This section was modified by the Telecommunications Act of 1996 with the filing of the HVCA Satellite Dish & Antenna Notification Form, filed 2/18/97.

Page 9, Parking

Motorized vehicles, other than those used for lawn care, will not be parked or otherwise driven on any part of the property other than the asphalt streets and parking areas.

Covers shall not to be placed on inoperable or unlicensed vehicles in an attempt to hide the vehicle. Vehicles remaining under cover for extended periods of time (one month or more) will be subject to stickering and towing (whether or not they are in a reserved parking space) unless the vehicle owner contacts the association, provides a current Maryland State registration for the vehicle and shows (by regularly starting and moving the vehicle) that the vehicle is operable.

Covers used on vehicles must be fitted for that particular vehicle (or fitted for a vehicle which is similar in shape and size) and must be a color that is in harmony with the overall colors of the community (colonial colors such as gray, brown, evergreen, etc). Bright colored vehicle covers and tarps weighed down by bricks are examples of car covers that are not approved for use within the Homeland Village community.

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